Outdoor Locations

Ourdoor Locations

The Convent of Giaccherino offers endless solutions not only for the inside spaces but also outside, in particular the wonderful Garden, the two frescoed Cloisters and the panoramic terrace are the ideal setting for outdoor events, assisted by the our services and set-ups. The aperitifs and cocktails in these open spaces are wonderful, as well as the open bar and dinner on the lawn where you can enjoy food underneath starry sky during summer.

The Garden

The garden extends over a large but sheltered area of almost 1600 square meters; surrounded on 2 sides by elegant characteristic loggias, areas of English lawn with typical Italian hedges, a family of Palm trees and driveway areas. Always shaded and cool in summer thanks to 4 large Cedar trees. Illuminated in the evening, it is the ideal place for aperitifs and dinners outdoors thanks to the coverage offered by the large loggias.

The Small Cloister

The lunettes of the small cloister, dedicated to Sant'Antonio, were decorated in the second half of the seventeenth century by artists from the circle of Giovanni from San Giovanni. Enriched by a wonderful original well and adorned with simple and graceful columns, it evokes a welcoming, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The small Cloister is particularly suitable for standing buffets or intimate dinners, but has served as a film set too thanks to its innate versatility that makes it ancient and modern at the same time.

The Big Cloister

Despite the troubled events, Giaccherino established itself as a burial place chosen by noble families of Pistoia, until it was declared a Privileged Municipal Sepolcreto. The Cloister of San Francesco still retains tombstones that bring back memories and remains of many personalities of that time. Among these there is the famous wall marble tomb of 1865 dedicated to the Irish poet Luisa Grace Bartolini, refined cultrice of the Italian language. The lunettes of the big cloister, realized by Alessio Gimignani and Francesco Leoncini in 1642-3, illustrate the events related to the life of San Francesco; each is described by a caption painted at the base, in the form of a cartouche and completed by the coat of arms of the noble family who commissioned it. From here you can access the numerous cells of the Franciscan Fathers, still unharmed and mysterious as they were at the time.

The terrace

The panorama that you can contemplate from the terrace is truly unique! In addition to enjoying the overall view of the city of Pistoia, and Monte Alban you can also admire the Cathedral of Prato and even the Duomo of Florence with the wonderful dome of Brunelleschi on clear days. The terrace, surrounded only by the tops of the forest trees, seems suspended in the air; a fascinating space for an extravagant cocktail or for an enchanting romantic dinner, away from the noise of the city while having it so close. It offers a truly exclusive natural setting.

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