Cultural Association

Starting from May 2013, the Convent works to organize cultural activities aimed at making it active, dynamic and multi-functional. For this purpose the Association of the Convent of Giaccherino was founded, which, in collaboration with the direct staff of the Convent, creates cultural events open to the public.

The main intent is to open the doors of the Convent to all citizens of Pistoia who feel in one way or another linked and attached to the structure itself or even to moral and ethical responsibility, as well as religious, that the Convent has had over the years. But the doors also open and above all to those who do not know it, who have never had the good fortune to visit it in the past and who wish to rediscover the secrets and art that are carefully enclosed and protected. The activities that can be carried out and that the staff organizes are an important complement to corporate and private events, thus giving added value that will make them even more special and unique. We offer guided tours of the Convent of Giaccherino, with specialized guides (also in foreign languages) oriented to give information on the entire monastic complex, analyzing places, customs and characteristics of the structure but also of the life of the Franciscan friars who lived there up until 10 years ago ; Guided tours focused on works of art, in particular the frescoes of the Cloister of St. Anthony and St. Francis and of the Church; in-depth analysis on architecture and art that have survived in the Convent for many centuries; Concerts of classical music and opera; Meetings of reflection on several subjects, touching various topics, from the sacred to the profane, with an exchange of ideas and dialogues also supported by important people; Training courses: cultural and artistic but also painting, photography, landscape setting, theater; Prayer meetings; Photo shooting, wine tasting, olive oil and appetizers, courses for sommelier and cooking (also in foreign languages); Pic-nic on our wonderful panoramic meadows or immersed in the surrounding forest; The Debutante Ball;

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