Outdoor spaces

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The Convent of Giaccherino offers endless solutions not only for the inside spaces but also for the outdoors: the marvelous Garden, the two frescoed Cloisters and the panoramic terrace are the ideal setting for outdoor events, far away from noisy traffic, to enjoy an exclusive environment.

The Rooms

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Beautiful and refined environments that can accommodate a varied number of guests, from a minimum of 80 people up to a maximum of 600: the internal rooms of the Convent of Giaccherino are unique spaces, which can be adapted for the organization events. Ceremonies, business meetings, dinners and lunches: all equipped with beautiful views to enjoy the large and bright windows. The internal rooms of the Convent of Giaccherino are all located on the first floor, well reachable by a comfortable staircase or by elevator.

Areas of the Religious Cult

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Due to the important restoration work that has been carried out on this marvelous structure, the Convent of Giaccherino still preserves intact the places closely linked to the religious cult despite the long centuries that the Complex has lived. Some of these places are still usable.

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