The Rooms

The Rooms

Beautiful and refined environments that can accommodate a varied number of guests, from a minimum of 80 people up to a maximum of 600: the internal rooms of the Convent of Giaccherino are unique spaces, which can be adapted for the organization of any event. Ceremonies, business meetings, dinners and lunches: all equipped with beautiful views to enjoy the large and bright windows. The internal rooms of the Convent of Giaccherino are all located on the first floor, well reachable by a comfortable staircase or by elevator.

The Party Hall

The The Party Hall, located on the first floor and served by 2 lifts, was built in the 19th century when the convent became a Franciscan seminary for the formation of future friars. The marvelous hall, 70 meters long and almost 10 meters wide, once housed the dormitories of the collegiate; it is presented as a "single room" with a maximum capacity of 550 people and can be divided into 3 sequential rooms. With a small staircase that leads to the Lounge area, a comfortable and versatile room; it is also flanked by a large office, which can be used as a practical point of support for the catering service. This spectacular hall, enriched by 5 sumptuous crystal chandeliers, still maintains a refined and elegant style, thanks to the balanced restoration that has undergone and to the 16 wonderful side windows from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Duomo Room

Named because it is spread out on 2 corners of the Convent with 7 panoramic windows on the Duomo of Pistoia, this room with a rustic and authentic style, has a capacity of 150 people, with a ceiling embellished with wooden beams. A versatile room, usable for dinners and meetings, but also for cultural activities, games or study, reflection meetings, art exhibitions.

The Refectory

The refectory of the convent was enlarged in the fifteenth century. and with an admirable fresco on the back wall depicting a Last Supper; today it has maintained layout, tables and benches as originally and can accommodate up to 54 diners on the wall side and 40 on the inside.

Other smaller rooms

Many other smaller rooms, with capacities from 10 to 50 people, are available on both floors of the Convent as well as other functional areas such as the entrance hall, the cloister on the first floor or the Chapel of St. Anthony. Thanks to their versatility and neutral appearance, these comfortable areas can be used for various activities: teaching courses, press conferences, fun activities for children, cooking classes, sommelier, painting ... you name it.

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